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Inspiring the next generation of healthcare innovators

The MedTech Foundation aims to support healthcare technology innovation by connecting medical, engineering, science, product design, business and industry specialties together.

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Who we are.

The MedTech Foundation is a national engagement initiative for university students and early career professionals.

Our core objectives are to: get involved in healthtech research, collaborate between disciplines to create industry-shaping innovations, and educate individuals; giving them the key skills for innovation and business.

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Workshops and lectures

Interdisciplinary teams

Solve unmet clinical needs

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TEDx-style talks

Inspire innovators

Network between disciplines

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Healthcare industry experience

Utilise learnt skills

Real-world innovation

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Tackle healthcare problems

Innovative Ideas

Skills workshops

Core Activities

Previous Collaborators



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A spoke is a local area, usually based at a University, where the Medtech Foundation can disseminate their expertise. We have spokes in Leeds, Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leicester, Warwick and beyond as well as affiliations across the UK.

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