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In order to gain real-world experience in research or industry, MedTech Foundation members are encouraged and supported to attend interdisciplinary internships. These are usually for a period of 8-12 weeks during the summer university break, but can happen throughout the year, and be longer, providing they do not compromise other university or employment commitments. We have previously provided three types of internships: academic, industry and international internships. These have often funded by the NIHR Surgical MIC or supported with in kind contributions. Other funders include the affiliated Schools via internal funds, industry sponsored internships and small grants the students are supported in securing. 

These interdisciplinary internships have been undertaken in the UK, Europe and in the USA and included collaboration with companies and institutes including Olympus Medical; Xiros Medical; Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas; The University of Twente, Netherlands; and the Schools of Mechanical Engineering and Medicine, University of Leeds. Many of these projects have led to a number of formal research outputs, including PhD placements, indicating the value of early collaboration to wider academic communities.

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