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What is an MTF Hackathon?

Hackathon is a popular event in the world of tech. It involves participants collaborating to find a solution to a problem within a limited timeframe. It's usually synonymous with coding and computer science, however this doesn't have to be the case - getting involved in the MTF Hackathon needs no specialist knowledge, just a passion for technology and healthcare!

The goal of a hackathon is to take a solution from concept to prototype (or even a functioning product), before putting it to the test by pitching your idea in front of colleagues and industry experts. For the MTF Hackathon, this will be a Dragon's Den style panel of industry experts.

There are also a range of workshops spread across the two days. These aim to teach a multitude of skills useful for the hackathon (and beyond), from tips on how to pitch ideas, to how to develop a business model canvas. 

Winners of the Hackathon will get prizes, as well as have the opportunity to go on to connect with industry experts that can help bring their product to market if they so wish. Previous winners of the MTF Hackathon have gone on to develop beta and full versions of their ideas = Medwise AI is a very notable success story)!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the MTF 2023 Hackathon now!

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Unmet Needs

Hackathons are designed to solve a problem within a given space. This problem is known as an "Unmet Need". For MTF Hackathons, participants are presented with three Unmet Needs from the Healthcare and MedTech space, and choose one of these to tackle over the 2 day event.

Previous topics for Unmet Needs have included Sustainability in Medicine, the Future of Food, and Chronic Respiratory (breathing) Disorders, to name a few. This year, participants will be able to choose from one of the following Unmet Needs:

The volume of waste within healthcare is at an all time high, and Surgery is a one of the biggest culprits. From single use plastics to high water consumption, sustainability within the specialty is a highly sought after goal, but one that participants will thrive in helping solve!

With the Covid pandemic ushering in the need for remote consultations, healthcare services around the world have had to rapidly adapt to a new, virtual landscape of how medical care is delivered. This unmet need will provide participants an opportunity to examine its impact and engineer solutions to the problems at hand.

Healthcare workers are what make the world of medicine tick, and are an essential component of innovation in medtech. This unmet need looks at how the industry can invest in its healthcare workers, through education, training, support and beyond.

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