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4 Ways to Boost your Portfolio Career in MedTech as a Medical Student


With a market worth over $500 billion, the UK is a leader in MedTech innovation, fostering a dynamic environment for companies and attracting global investments. [1] This has attracted a lot of medical students to venture out and explore a portfolio career that includes MedTech. MedTech offers doctors the opportunity to combine clinical skills with business and technology, providing an exciting alternative to traditional clinical roles.

As this is a new ever-growing field, it can be tricky to navigate, here are 4 ways to boost your career portfolio for MedTech whilst being a medical student:


Although intercalation degrees do not count to the UKFPO scoring system anymore, an intercalated degree in a MedTech- related field can enhance your skillset and boost your CV. Engaging early on in start-ups and collaborating with esteemed professors in the industry can lay the groundwork for building a robust portfolio. A popular choice for students includes intercalating in Data Science however other popular intercalation degrees that would be incredibly valuable for a career in MedTech include the following:


Having a successful portfolio career as a doctor requires consistently acquiring skills beyond the traditional medical curriculum. Skills may include learning how to code programming languages such as R, Python, Java or generally expanding your knowledge of the digital health landscape. There are plenty of resources online to support this including:

As you immerse yourself in these educational endeavours, you not only acquire technical proficiency but also cultivate a forward-thinking mindset essential for navigating a successful portfolio career as a clinician.

3. Join LinkedIn communities, MedTech Societies in Your University and National MedTech Foundation for Networking!

Networking is a powerful tool within the MedTech industry. Through networking, I was able to gain roles with our foundation, participate in research within MedTech and meet other individuals who are equally as enthusiastic about the field! A small step such as creating a LinkedIn profile or becoming a member of your MedTech societies at your university can launch you into transformative opportunities within the space. These societies often organise events, workshops, and conferences, providing valuable opportunities to deepen your understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of MedTech.

The National MedTech Foundation (MTF), with its broader connections to many leading organisations within the industry, offers a national platform for networking and collaboration. Engaging with MTF not only connects you with professionals and experts but also exposes you to the latest trends, innovations, and potential avenues for your own growth within the MedTech field.

Remember, networking isn't just about establishing connections; it's about fostering meaningful relationships that can shape your career trajectory. So, seize the opportunities presented by building a network that not only supports your current endeavours but also propels you towards future success in the exciting world of MedTech.

4. Get involved in creating solutions: Participate in Hackathons!

Engage in hackathons and healthcare challenges to exercise your problem-solving skills in a competitive environment. These events offer hands-on experience, expert support, and the chance to develop and pitch innovative solutions. Participation can enhance your ability to tackle real-world healthcare issues and attract attention from potential investors.

Here at National MedTech Foundation as well as our annual Hackathon, we have an innovation programme geared towards an interdisciplinary audience of university students and early career professionals. Through this course, participants walk away with the skills and knowledge to establish and develop MedTech start-ups.


Through these 4 tips: combining academic pursuits, skill development, networking, and practical problem-solving, you as a medical student can effectively position yourself for success in the dynamic and growing field of MedTech. Good luck!


Author: Siham Omar, MTF Content Writer

Editor: Ramat Abdulkadir, MTF National Technology Director


[1]: Goyal, S. "Starting early: engaging medical students in medtech." The Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 105.7 (2023): 362-363.

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